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The process of ready-made clothing production is organized in six production lines:

    1. forming a work warrant and design
    2. tailoring department
    3. sewing department
    4. finalizing department
    5. storage
    6. preparation of the finished product

The tailoring department is equipped with up-to-date equipment for tailoring, forming and adhesion, which consists of: two presses, two hacksaws, four progressing machines, six tables, six stools for fitting.

Sewing department: at this department there are seven production lines each with 20 employees. The employees at this department are capable of several operations and independently control the processes at each operation.
The department is equipped with: buttonhole machine for regular holes, machine for eye-button holes, regular buttonhole machines, six button machines, machine for winding buttons, devise for pockets, printing press, machine for strass attaching, blind-stitches with upper and lower knitting, machines for studs, zigzag machines, AMF machine, minor overlook.

The finalizing department has a capacity of 90 employees and is supplied with: dummy, ironing tables, tables for ironing sleeves, press for ironing edges, ironing press for sleeve caps, steam brush for removal of shine.Lars owns a separately organized area for storage of the finished products of around 100 m2 size, according to the standards required by the foreign partner. 

The ready-made clothing factory intends the mechanization of the entire work premises during its future operation, thus acquiring larger working facilities.

Lars fully satisfies the regulated standards for work and workers’ protection at work.