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The Republic of Macedonia is located in the central southern part of the Balkan Peninsula, with area of 25.713 км2. Its neighboring countries are Serbia on the north, Greece on the south, Albania on the west and Bulgaria on the east.

The Republic of Macedonia is an important crossroad of strategic traffic roads: the corridor north-south, which connects in the shortest possible way Central Europe to the port in Thessalonica and the east-west corridor, that connects the Black Sea region and the Adriatic region.

The Republic of Macedonia has a statue of a country candidate for EU membership.
It is a true relief mosaic with lots of natural rarities and beauties. Many call Macedonia the pearl of the Balkans. 80% of the country are hills and mountains and 20% are flat terrains covered with natural lakes, rivers, woods and pastures.

The Republic of Macedonia has a rich cultural and historic heritage. There are archeological sites dating from the Neolithic antique and Roman times. Among them are the sites from the old towns of Stobi, Bargala (near Stip), Heraclea and Skupi.
There are many churches and monasteries dating from the middle ages and here we can mention Ohrid which is under UNESCO protection for its cultural an historic importance.

The town Stip is a cultural, educational and industrial center of the eastern part of the Republic of Macedonia.
From economic point of view, the largest proportion of the textile and fashion industry is situated in Stip.

The town it self represent a traffic crossroad. A few roads and a railway line that connects this town to the remaining part of the country cross here. The ones that lead to the Republic of Bulgaria are the most important. Stip is situated 90km from the capital Skopje, 70km from the airport Petrovec near Skopje, 35km from the international highway E-75 and 200km from the port in Thessalonica, Greece.